407 Line-type Smoke Detector

Keywords: Non-addressable Reflective Beam Line-type Smoke Detector

The 407 non-addressable reflective beam line-type smoke detector is suitable for connection to 2-wire non-addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment, or to addressable fire detection control and indicating equipment that can accept non-addressable type detectors.

The transceiver component includes four selectable detection ranges, providing smoke detection over distances from 8 m to 100 m. Three sensitivity settings can be used to compensate for differences in installed environments.

An integral laser is used to accurately align the beam transmitter with the reflector.



·  Four selectable ranges provide smoke detection for distances from 8 m to 100 m

·  Three selectable sensitivity settings

·  Single transceiver and reflector components

·  Integrated laser alignment tool and display

·  Digital display shows light intensity at the receiver

·  Self-diagnostics function monitors internal faults

·  Automatic compensation for lens contamination, alignment drift and transmitted beam ageing

·  Separate Alarm and Fault relay outputs

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