206 Propane Gas Alarm

Keywords: Residential Gas Alarm, speak voice warning, Wi-Fi Interconnection

206 propane (LPG) AC plug-in gas alarms are state-of-the-art inflammable gas detectors with spoken voice warning messages for dangerous levels of propane gas (LPG). Advanced electronics in conjunction with a semiconductor gas sensor provides early detection of propane gas, with high immunity against unwanted alarms.

Models are available that include Wi-Fi connection to an internet access point as part of a smart-home solution.

The 206 AC plug-in residential gas alarm range provides home owners and installers with an easy-to-install, intelligent solution for life safety and property protection applications.



·        Detects propane (LPG) gas

·       Stable gas sensing chamber. No adjustment or replacement required

·       Displays gas concentration levels as LEL percentage

·       Displays current ambient temperature

·       High immunity against unwanted alarms

·       Voice messages alerts building occupants

·       Loud 85 dB internal alarm sounder

·       Dedicated test control

·       Separate indicators for Alarm, Fault and Power

·       Wi-Fi connection to wireless access point and smart home application available on some models

·       AC plug-in mains power

·       Low power consumption

·       Attractive housing design

·       Easy installation. No programming required

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