408 Smoke Alarm

Keywords: Non-Addressable Smoke Alarm, Relay, Sounder, Test, Hush

408 non-addressable photoelectric smoke detectors are state-of-the-art detectors suitable for direct connection to equipment via a voltage-free relay. The relay operates when an Alarm signal is released by the detector, and can be used to control the operation of the connected equipment.

An audible sounder is activated when the detector releases an Alarm signal.

Connection to control and indicating equipment is not required.

Advanced electronics in conjunction with a photoelectric smoke sensing chamber provide early detection of fire and high immunity against unwanted alarms.

The 408 non-addressable detector range provides fire detection and alarm system designers with a convenient solution for property protection applications.



·        Photoelectric smoke sensing chamber technology

·        Dry-contact relay output available for connection to other equipment

·        Loud 85 dB sounder to alert adjacent personnel

·        Integrated indicator provides visual indication of an alarm condition

·        Auto-reset from Alarm condition when smoke level is less than the alarm threshold level

·        Test and Hush features in a single button

·        Test and Hush visual indicator

·        Test button verifies alarm operation

·        Hush function temporarily silences unwanted alarms

·        Smoke chamber fault audible and visual indication

·        Hush function temporarily silences smoke chamber fault indication

·        Supplied with detachable base

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